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The Pig Child is a dark but compelling story about a scientist who experiments on her own body, choosing to surrogate a pig-human embryo she has illegally created.

The film is financed by Creative England and BFI Net.Work, and produced by Delaval Film.


The idea for The Pig Child  came to me whilst researching a feature film  - a contemporary retelling of the Frankenstein story -  in which a group of brilliant young stem cell scientists break the rules and play God, using regenerated human and animal organs to build a living child. Part sci-fi, part psychological thriller, I was exploring different ways in which the scientists could create new life, and the formation of human-animal mixed species chimerae was one of the methods I researched. The idea of a human being forced to, or worse, choosing to act as surrogate for an embryo/fetus that was only part human, and part something else was a story I wanted to explore. Who would do this thing? Is the drive to be ‘the first’, to be a pioneer, so strong that you would ignore the natural moral boundaries and decide to go ahead? Who are we, and what are our responsibilities? I am interested in human transgression and especially in women who choose to break the rules, or go beyond the received wisdom. The short film The Pig Child  will be visceral, unforgiving, stark, and real, as well as beautiful and meditative, as we follow our protagonist as she makes her impulsive decision, and then lives out the relentless progression of her transgressive pregnancy, and learns to take responsibility for the new life she has so recklessly created.